Citizen participation

Law 142 of 1994 established mechanisms for state regulation, control and oversight of public utilities, including social control through the Committees for the Development and Social Control of Household Public Utilities (CDCS).

The CDCS were created by Law 142 of 1994 as institutions in charge of exercising social control in the domiciliary public utilities of water, sewage, sanitation, energy, natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Conditions to Participate in a CDCS

The person interested in being part of a committee must meet at least one of the following conditions:

To be a user: person who benefits from the provision of a domiciliary public service; it may be the owner or possessor of the property, who receives the service or who habitually uses it.
To be a subscriber: person who enters into a contract for the provision of residential public utilities with a provider.
Potential subscriber: person who has initiated consultations to become a user of residential public utilities.

Prohibitions to Participate in a CDCS

The following cannot be members of a CDCS

  • Officials of the organizations or providers under the committee’s supervision.
  • Officials of the SSPD.
  • Officials of the regulatory commission related to the public service to which the committee performs social control.
  • Those who receive public services fraudulently or who request the connection of such services in areas where it is not possible to provide them, either because they are high risk areas or because they are considered to be of general interest.

Initiative to Form a CDCS

The initiative for the creation of a committee is the responsibility of the users, subscribers or potential subscribers of the public utilities of the municipality or district, who must convene an assembly in order to constitute it.

In the same municipality or district there may be several CDCS. In municipalities where the domiciliary public service providers serve less than two thousand five hundred (2500) users, only one CDCS may be constituted for all services.

For further information, users may contact the Superintendence of Residential Public Utilities.

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